Identical Twins in Hollywood Films

Dead Ringer, Paul Henreid These Seven Wonders are inspired by Factum, the latest multi-channel video installation by artist Candice Breitz, that explores the experiences of identical twins in Toronto. Factum will be at the White Cube in Hoxton Square from 12 February. Identical twins often get a raw deal in Cinema: in the tradition of the doppelganger they often signify that sinister events are yet to ...
Trailers From Hell

18.11.09 Watching Lucio Fulci’s video nasty House by the Cemetery has inspired this nomination for Site of the Week. Trailers from Hell is a much respected resource for those who adore the cult classics of Grindhouse, Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation and B Movies. In the picture above, special effects make-up artist extraordinaire Rick Baker (look out for his handiwork in The Wolfman, due for release next year) introduces ...
Ben Rivers

Ben Rivers Ben Rivers talks to APEngine’s Gary Thomas about slasher movies and heading north. His show A World Rattled of Habit is at A Foundation in Liverpool until 17 October 2009, and he is in the group show An Entangled Bank
- Darwin & Edinburgh at Talbot Rice, Edinburgh, from
 24 October – 12 December 2009. You studied fine art at Falmouth? Yes. I started off making paintings ...