Arts Council England axes Animate Projects
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Arts Council England axes Animate Projects

We are very sorry to announce that Animate is likely to close down at the end of March 2011, following Arts Council England’s decision not to fund our 2011 programme.

Animate began in 1990 as an Arts Council/Channel 4 scheme and has been supported by the Arts Council England continuously for 21 years.

We set up Animate Projects four years ago, following the sudden death of Dick Arnall, and produced – a unique resource, with more than 140 films, many by key figures in British animation, including 11 British Animation Awards winners and five BAFTA nominations, as well as interviews, essays and background production materials.

We are very proud of the work that we have been able to support, and would like to thank all the animators, artists, filmmakers, writers, and partners that we’ve worked with over the years, and to everyone who has taken an interest in our work.

Our programme continues, with new works online, until March, and we hope to keep the website live for some time after that.

Whilst we are exploring options for April onwards, we would appreciate any expressions of support that might help.

Please comment on our blog or email us at

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  1. This is just plan terrible news. Animate Projects are an excellent, radical, experiment organization. This is such a loss. And so short sighted.
    Thanks for everything Animate!

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