Alice by Jan Svankmajer
Dark Glass by Clio Barnard
23 August 2010
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Tell No One
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Le Grand Content, Clemens Kogler & Karo Szmit
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Pascal Baes: Topic II
12 July 2010
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Red Dead Redemption
28 June 2010
Red Dead Redemption, directed by John Hillcoat If you’re the sort that’s unlikely to devote hours of your life playing open-world videogames, then you may prefer to experience the excellent animated ...
Alice by Jan Svankmajer
Alice, Jan Svankmajer

Alice, Jan Svankmajer

As visually arresting as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is, Czech stop-motion ace Jan Svankmajer’s Alice beats Burton’s hands down for the most inventive use of animation to tell the monstrous tale that Lewis Carroll imagined. In this scene, young Alice watches in disbelief as the stuffed rabbit in her room tears itself up from its mount and dons a courtier’s robes. And so begins a madcap journey into a Wonderland of nightmarish bone creatures and sinister household objects that come to life, made all the more unnerving by the recurring appearance of knives and nails and broken glass.

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  1. Dan North says:

    I was utterly un-arrested by Burton’s film, perhaps mainly because Svankmajer had already provided a perfect summation of the Alice stories, and I was unable to think outside his version.

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