For Your Consideration 2009: Coraline
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8 June 2010
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28 May 2010 Minimovies is a site dedicated to showcasing a selection of bizarre episodic documentaries produced by the good folks at Submarine Channel, which handily can be viewed on a variety of ...
For Your Consideration 2009: Coraline

Gothically pretty and winningly content-rich, this “please give us an award” site for Henry Selick’s stereoscopic stop-frame kids’ film Coraline makes a pretty convincing case. Not only can you watch the trailer and listen to the soundtrack, you can also read in-depth biographies of the crew and download Neil Gaiman’s script. By far the best part of the site, however, is the ‘craft’ section, which showcases Tadahiro Uesegi’s lovely concept art and offers all manner of information regarding the design, construction and shooting of Coraline’s intricate puppets and sets. If nothing else it’s a testament to the insane assiduity and painstaking labour of the animators, who spent 66 days choreographing a ‘mouse circus’, created no less than 540 miniature, moustachioed Scottie dogs and painted literally thousand of faces – each wearing a slightly different expression – for the characters. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, there should be plenty to beguile you here. And if you like photographs of people painting small objects with tiny brushes, why, you’ll be in very heaven.

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