Competition: Win GAZWRX, The Films of Jeff Keen
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Competition: Win GAZWRX, The Films of Jeff Keen
Jeff Keen, Marvo Movie

Jeff Keen, Marvo Movie (1967). Image courtesy of the BFI

Jeff Keen began making films at the age of 37 when his art school film society needed things to show. And so began over forty years of unique, imaginative, irrepressible filmmaking.

The BFI has published this delightful four DVD retrospective of Keen’s work that contains over nine hours of films and videos by the visionary filmmaker from his 60s beatnik movies to his multi-layered videos of the 90s.

We have three GAZWRX box sets, courtesy of the BFI to give away. To win one of these marvellous box sets send us the answer to the following question – What’s the name of Jeff Keen’s alter ego?

Email your answer to by 7 January. The winners will be selected at random after the closing date.

Be sure to check out Daniel Fawcett’s article about the instant cinema of Jeff Keen here on APEngine.

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  1. abigail says:

    And the winners of the GAZWRX box sets are: Roslyn B, Shobun B and John M who correctly answered that Keen’s alter ego is Dr Gaz.

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