Andy Ditzler and George Kuchar: Solstice
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Andy Ditzler and George Kuchar: Solstice
George Kuchar, Solstice

George Kuchar, Solstice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Solstice! A time to let oneself be fondled by birdlike men in electric blue balaclavae, a time to make sacrifices to Horus and celebrate the sun’s rebirth – that, at least, is the message of Andy Ditzler’s Phil Spectoresque singalong celebration of the holidays. Solstice is a musical history lesson, revealing how Christianity collaged bits of pre-existent Pagan rituals together in order to win over potential converts.

The visuals come courtesy of George Kuchar, director of underground classics like Aqueerius and The Devil’s Cleavage. Kuchar adds a bit of festive sparkle via some deliciously kitschy digital FX and a shot of toy cyber-dinos eating Santa. The results are guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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