RSA Animate
21 July 2010
RSA Animate illustrating a lecture by the authors of SuperFreakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner If you find your mind wandering during lifeless lectures, then this animated lecture series might be ...
Cliché spotting
23 June 2010
www.clichespotting.com For anyone suffering with student-show-fatigue (every year the same-old same-old, re-hashed and disassembled) a handy new iphone app might help you channel your frustration. The brain-child of Pascal Raabe and Barnaby ...
Robots and Avatars
16 June 2010
Robotsandavatars.net Robots and Avatars is a brilliant project that invites today’s techno savvy young people to consider how we may present ourselves online and how we might interact with robots in ...
The Artist Is Present
8 June 2010
The Artist Is Present, Marina Abramović, 2010. This week APEngine has enjoyed scrolling through the online portraits recording Marina Abramović‘s latest performance for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. ...
28 May 2010
minimovies.org Minimovies is a site dedicated to showcasing a selection of bizarre episodic documentaries produced by the good folks at Submarine Channel, which handily can be viewed on a variety of ...


UbuWeb is ‘a completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts.’ A volunteer-staffed digital archive of avant garde artwork spanning various genres, the site boasts an impressive (and totally free) range of film and video work. The list is far to long to recount but expect to find material by and/or about Cocteau, Debord, Burroughs and Ballard, Godard, Yoko Ono and Rachel Whiteread (to present a random sample). More or less the entire avant-garde Who’s Who is represented in fact, and the whole enterprise is lent a nice countercultural frisson by the site’s avowed disdain for the vagaries of intellectual property law; their FAQ states ‘we give you permission to take what you like even though in many cases, we have not received permission to post it. We went ahead and did it anyway. You should too’. For anyone even remotely interested in avant ‘n’ underground culture it’s too good an invitation to refuse.

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