Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
Dark Glass by Clio Barnard
23 August 2010
Dark Glass by Clio Barnard Clio Barnard’s brilliant debut feature The Arbor – an Artangel/Jerwood commission – opens in the UK on 22 October, after Barnard won the Tribeca Film Festival ...
Tell No One
3 August 2010
Seaweed, Tell No One A beautiful, twisty piece of filmmaking from the London-based duo Tell No One, aka Luke White and Remi Weekes. Visit their blog to view more snippets ...
Le Grand Content, Clemens Kogler & Karo Szmit
26 July 2010
Le Grand Content, Clemens Kogler & Karo Szmit “But you have to face that teenagers like coffee and lets say the stock market are things which won’t stay hot forever.” Here’s an ...
Pascal Baes: Topic II
12 July 2010
Topic II, Pascal Baes Animate Projects and Portland Green Cultural Projects – APPGCP if you like – currently have a call out for proposals for animated dance projects – download guidelines ...
Red Dead Redemption
28 June 2010
Red Dead Redemption, directed by John Hillcoat If you’re the sort that’s unlikely to devote hours of your life playing open-world videogames, then you may prefer to experience the excellent animated ...
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

René Viénet, Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

Martial Arts and Marxist aphorisms meet head on in René Viénet’s 1973 Situationist ‘détournement’ of a chop-socky Kung Fu movie. Taking Doo Kwang Gee’s ‘The Crush’ Viénet replaced all the original dialogue with lines like “Afterwards… The Workers Councils will be realized in generalized self-management,” turning a tale of warring clans into an hilarious yet thought-provoking account of the proletariat’s struggle against the nefarious bourgeoisie. Their most fearsome weapon is not the Shaolin style but the awesome power of dialectics. A subversive blow struck against the ruling classes? Or a dopey prank? You decide.

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